At Aston Clinton Coffee we have one main objective:- serve the very best coffee in lovely surroundings with top notch service. Our business is run by people who appreciate truly great coffee, and we have found that to get what we consider a decent cup of coffee you have to travel into London or another large city.

So, we thought why not offer what speciality coffee shops do in London, in the Vale.We work to a pretty basic key principal:- if something is worth doing then it’s worth doing well. As a result we offer out top quality coffee, top quality loose teas, a selection of freshly made cakes, a small selection of made to order sandwiches, and homemade soups and pate.

Everything is either made in house, or made within a few miles of the shop. We get all of our high quality meat from a local farm, all of our milk is fresh and organic, and our lovely cakes are freshly made by ladies locally.